Ron paul suck

Ron paul suckRon paul suck

YES, I could go on and in much more depth to all the reasons Ron Paul is the only candidate that will truly be FOR THE PEOPLE, and the ONLY candidate that DOESN'T "Fucking suck".. but you'd probably be too dim witted and conformist to understand.

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Mar 07, · *This is in response of some racist responses that I got, which you can see in my video 'Stuff Paulbots Say'" Tired of the spam. Fuck Ron Paul and his retarded Ronbots.

Nov 28, · No. Ron Paul is the only ethical man on the Republican platform. I will not vote for anyone other than Ron Paul. I cannot support anyone associated with the Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations, and who supports an UNlawful IRS. There is Status: Resolved. Aug 31, · Just assume Ron Paul does not win the Republican nomination. Would you rather cross your arms, stomp your foot, pout and let Obama ride to victory, or suck it up and vote for the Republican nominee? I think Ron Paul supporters do not care whether Republicans win in or if Obama is re-elected. They only care about Ron Resolved.
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Ron Paul music is a diverse genre, but usually Paul songs feature a laundry list of Paul's policy suggestions, low production values, and they can go on at one stands out for being short, clever, and not mentioning the Fed even one time. It even rhymes.

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jeremy self suck ron paul. Ron jeremy, actor the boondock the demise of the legendary john holmes in march , the short, mustachioed, heavyset ron jeremy has assumed the mantle as the number one star of adult peermade.infor, don't confuse ron with the similar jeremy self suck ron paul looking mustachioed kaylani lei pussy '80s adult film star, harry reems, who has. Why Ron Paul Sucks. Mainly From His Own Website. (peermade.infocs) But Ron Paul is so odious as to earn a free pass from this inclination. Where to begin? It is so hard. This man is no good for our country. His policies suck. I'm as anti-war and anti-drug-war and anti-SOPA as the next redditor, and I praise Paul for that much, but that.

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Mar 08, · The Ron Paul campaign is about changing the discourse of the country in much the same way the civil rights movement was. As such it should not be . Ron Paul Sucks. 1, likes. A page for all the people who think Ron Paul sucks!

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Ron Paul Sucks (in a really racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic way)! Posted by Maria. Yep, Ron Paul sure does suck! It was posted that Ron Paul is member in good standing of some of the oldest and ugliest traditions in American politics. May 30, · Let's talk about Rand Paul and how much he sucks He scares the shit out of me. I say this as someone who voted for his father in the primary (they have open primaries in my state). Ron Paul does NOT WANT TO LEAVE IT UP TO THE STATES. He wants abortion ILLEGAL, PERIOD! [quote]In an Oct. 27, speech to Congress, Ron Paul said.
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Oct 08, · Ron Paul is right, as usual. Advocating the circumvention of the rule of law when it's inconvenient is a mark of the left, not the right, and Ron Paul is decidedly of the right, so his position on this should come as no surprise to anyone.

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